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Serves you right. Maybe now you'll think twice before bad-mouthing Dell and Coke!

D Shizzle

It was most certainly a big mistake to buy a PC from Dell. It sounds like what you ordered could have been home-built for somewhere in the realm of $600, while using much better parts (Dell is legendary for dumping shit into a metal case and shipping it).

Hating Dell These Days

I too have ordered the Studio XPS 435MT on Feb 15th, with an estimated ship date of March 3rd, which I thought was outlandish, but expected it to arrive earlier. On March 3rd I received an automated voice message stating my order has been delayed, and if I don't receive it in the next 5-7 business days to call customer service. In the meantime I was already in contact with customer service 4 different times and received 4 different answers. The most recent one is a shortage on parts and an estimated delivery date of March 27th. No that's not a typo, a full 6 weeks from the original order date! If I don't receive it next week like 2 of the 4 CSRs told me, I will definitely be cancelling my order. This is ridiculous!


Wanna hear a horror story ? I ordered a monitor 65 days ago and it still hasnt shipped. I have been told it would ship next day about 50 days ago. Apparently the monitor I ordered has been discontinued but since dell charges your card as soon as you place the order they already have my money. I will never even consider a purchase from dell ever again. They just passed AT&T and Charter as the worst company in the world. Godspeed dell on their way to bankruptcy.

used computer

i like dell may be u understand
if u understand say understand if u not understand say dont understand if u understand and say dont understand how dell come to knw that u understand taht u understand!

Cheap Dell Tower

yes i understand.. what is point..!!

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