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I feel the same way as you. I live in Orlando and go to Universal a lot and get bottle caps from there. I did the math and realized I was wasting my time trying to attain the higher prizes (I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a vacation). Once I discovered you can only do 10 codes a day and that you'd have to get all 12 packs to get what you want, I realized it wasn't worth it.

I didn't know they got rid of the year supply of soda, which was something I wanted. Looks like I'll probably be going for Sony gift cards now.


I wouldn't even bother with the Sony cards either. The only one they have now is the $10 card and you can only enter up to 10 per order, so it will only cover $100 (at best) of your SonyStyle order. I was saving for the PSP... There's the PS2, but it's easier to just buy one for $120 than go throguh this.
BTW - Free movie rentals at Blockbuster. Did you notice - at first they were 25 points. Now they're 36.
Talk about narrowing the goalposts! (As it's World Cup time)...


I just tried to ask "Hank" - the automated customer service person on MyCokeRewards.com where all the rewards were disappearing to. His response - Rewards may change from time to time. I then told him to F*** off and strangely, Coke seems to have programmed him to reply:

"That wasn't very nice. I'm here to help you with your questions about MyCokeRewards." It seems people have been typing this in frequently!

BTW the number for this scam is:

(866) 674-2653.


I talked to my buddy that works for Coke and he told me what a great deal this is. After doing the math like many of you have I have also noticed unless you work for coke filling machines are you ever going to get a nice prize. This is a joke. I like Dr. Pepper anyway.

Julia Havey


For the truth about mycokerewards;


I e-mailed them tonight as well as some of you. This is about the dumbest thing I've seen. Why would I even want to waste my time for 3 or 1o pts per day for things like a $10 coupon or a magazine. Whoever thought this up should be fired. Now they have my e-mail address, but I told them I would never bother with another of their contests. Go back to instant winnings - bottlecaps. REALLY STUPID


Man what idoits....I just entered my coke rewards...new at this...I am glad I read all the comments....Coke has changed the prizes? What assh..es....forget this crap...I drink it but who cares about the points....magizines shit....


Coke's feeble responses to our complaints of "Scam" don't even address some of the biggest hypocracies! Halfway through their 300-day "Loyalty" program they have publicly claimed to have awarded over 300,000 prizes. Yet their current advertising still claims "millions of prizes"!! Now the marketing wonks at Coke are taking away all the medium-point-count prizes of any value or participant interest, so that those of us sitting on 1000 to 2000 points will blow them on unlock codes for video games - or even more absurd - on "MyCoke/Coke Studios Virtual Furniture". That way they don't even have to pay out a prize manufacturer a penny! We are warned "Please note that these items are digital and only usable within Coke Studios on MyCoke.com. These items are not actual furniture items." That should keep the suits out of court. But not out of trouble. They will be scratching their heads long after this program is over, wondering where all the not-so-stupid former customers of their products went.
We got a PlayStation2 for our kids (850 pts), but just by the skin of our teeth! We raided dumpsters at the local regional ice skating facility and local recycling centers. Did Coke gamble that 80-90 percent of the redeemable caps would be mindlessly be discarded and just disappear out of the game and into America's landfills? If so, My Coke Rewards is not a "loyalty" program, but an indicator or their incompetance at building market relevance for not just a promotional event but for an entire brand!


im surpised that no one has complained about only being able to enter ONE code at a time. it seems like all this code entering from one person could turn itself into a part-time job! the only rational i can see in coke doing this is to encourage a pool of memebers to enter all their codes into one account(to give out less 'prized'). even so...only 10 codes a day and its ends on dec. 31st. weak. this was a horrible idea and only screws over loyal coke drinkers.
this thing sure feels like a scam.

blah blah

what ive got to say is check most of these responses,with the exception of a few they all have admitted that theyve purchased these caps from ebay,and gathered them via discarded locations,the program was not created to be a handout free for all,but a reward program to those whom already purchase the coke product.
I have only purchased coke products and was buying them at the same rate despite the rewards program,and I do so by legitimate means,if everyone here would take the time to read the rules regarding the rewards program you will notice that sells of the caps individually is prohibited,this has been brought to the attention of ebay in which has reduced the amount of each listing to no more than 25 caps for each offerring,some do make it thru.
As far as the larger prizes being what some have called out and beyond reality to obtain is also unwarranted.
With a little common sense one would realise that the larger prizes are set as such so that the 6 prize winners of the 50,000 points would be able to use their prize points on the expensive items,otherwise they would win nothing.
The limit of 10 codes per day was an attempt to prevent circumvention of the coke rewards rules by people unfairly purchasing the caps from a third party such as on ebay,because it would put the honest consumer's to a disadvantage when redemming the caps,Ive gotten an eye toy for only 188 points which is reasonable in my opinion because shipping was free as well.


I'm just a regular Coke drinker and I thought it would be fun to participate. I collected 180 points but by that time all the "good" prizes were gone. So, I opted to cash in for the Kodak photo album. Once done I was directed to the Kodak site where there were NO instructions. Neither was there anything on the Coke site telling me this was a "digital" reward. I proceeded to search the Kodak site and according to what I could figure out, I needed to enter a special code. So, I eventually selected an album and entered the code I thought was correct. It wasn't! I ended up paying for an album and have nothing for my coke reward! I e-mailed a complaint to both Kodak and Coke but have gotten nothing in reply except "we'll get back to you shortly". That was over a week ago and so far nothing! So what now? What is a "digital" reward anyhow? Why is there nothing on either site telling me what I need to do? This is a big rip-off!!! Shame on them!!! HELP!!!


For sure the prizes are unattainable for your average joe. I too had my eye on the ps2 but time wasnt on my side so I aimed for the weber grill but it wasnt made to be. Now I can be butt hole now with it. At work theres a guy who goes garbage diving in our breakroom at work and he knows I collect em too. This guy probably gets atleast 10 caps a day. Lately he has been trying to beat me to the garbage diving. Thats fine, I have kept all the caps I have entered and plan on placing those on the bottles he has savage from the breakroom trash cans. The last few months will drive him crazy. HA


I have loved many of the past Coke promotions but I also feel that this one is a joke. I currently have 2500 points. I have gotten a football (and it's a nice one) and a coke shirt but what I really wanted was a bigger prize. My family drinks diet coke at home as well as at work so I submit both caps and 12 pk codes but I will never have enough to buy anything that I wanted. I tried for a PSP the other day and it sold out between the time I saw it and the time I clicked to buy it. It was like they knew I wanted it and removed it from the site. I am also shocked that they would try to pass off discounts as prizes. $20 off of $100 isn't even a great discount.


I realized months ago that Coke's low to mid-range rewards were not v. good. However, I thought I could max out the reward factor by using all my points towards 8 sony style gift cards. Then I could get an MP3 player or a CD clock radio. You know, something I could actually use. Something that would make it worth punching in several codes a day for months. Had been checking back every few weeks to make sure the sony cards were still there. Today I am ready to redeem and they are nowhere on the site. As is Sephora.
I felt really disappointed and manipulated. I know that things sell out, but there was no indication of this. So, I decide I will get magazine subscriptions and blockbuster rentals. After spending time redeeming and printing out the confirmations, I see that I have MORE redeeming to do. I get redirected and have to punch in ANOTHER code for a magazine. However, it doesn't say it is

*Does anyone know if this is another scam??* Everything has seemed to be a scam, from the extremely high points, removal of desirable and attainable rewards. I feel like there has to be some further catch. Like I will be billed for the subscription anyway.

By the way Greg, you seem to be a real stickler for the rules. I have no idea what little piece of crap you got for 188 points, but most of us it seems expected more for our time, effort and purchases. I for one played by the rules and only used codes we earned. I think it is obvious that people decided to manipulate the system that was manipulating (and gypping) them.

By the way Coke: This does NOT make me want to buy your products. You will not make more money off of me. I will drink tap water.


Yup Im definantly a stickler for the rules.
Rules are what they are,whether a rule is a set of guidelines,or laws,they are the same.
The prize I got for 188 points was a prize valued in my area of approximately $50.00 (19x 12 pack Cokes cost only $76.00)so yes I thought it was a terrific reward,Im not greedy to be honest,and by the way I also received a years subscription to Popular Mechanics,I didnt have any problem with any disclosure of the prize for the magazine whatsoever,as a matter of fact I even read the prize,including the part that after a year the Popular Mechanics subscription will continue and I will be billed for the next yearly subscription,if I do not want the subscription I can merely cancell it.
It's obviouse however that the companies such as Sony,and Blockbuster video are all sharing in the promotion via advertising in the My Coke Rewards promotion,this promotion has produced over 1,000,000,000(billion)caps that are available for redemption.
the negative poster's here are the 1% of the consumer's that will never be happy about anything unless their gripping about what they think they are owed.
more than half of the points will never be redeemnd,and that leaves 49% of the people are happy,indeed 1 dissatisfied person will tell hundreds,while the satisfied customer will tell maybe three or four.
I would suggest to coke perhapes if they have another like promotion to drop the big prizes,and offer them exclusively to the points winners,so as there is no disgruntled people,also I would like to see the point values of all of the actual prizes that were offerred,so as to make sure that the prizes that were offerred equalled to the amount of points produced.

stu thompson

based on the crappy Coke promotion, I started this project to do some good with the points by collecting them to earn a prize for a needy kid, Brandon McKnight, from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

If I'm gonna get bent over trying to earn anything legitimate on my own, I might as well turn around and give Coke some back by making it a collective effort and actually win one of the decent "bigger" prizes.

If you can help, send codes to donateyourcokecodes@gmail.com


i think this whole things is gay because i live in canada and i dont get these specially marked things so i think its gay lol

Lawrence Hrazanek

I figured out that this was a scam back in May. There are 296 days to the program. I emailed the program to complain and there answer was there weould be many ways to earn higher point values throughout the program. Well its Oct and only the one possibility. This program was poorly thought out and they have not fixed anything.

D. Berkelbaugh

I work with a catering company for Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. We use the freezer packs for the drinks that we supply the aircrafts with. I'm capable of getting 500 - 700 points a day. So if anyone needs points then let me know. I'm willing to let them go a lot cheaper than you can get them on ebay, which is around $0.50 for 10 points. Email @ falconsndawgs@yahoo.com


Granted I agree as far as Coke stating that there would be random times durring the promotion that the Coke points would be doubled still has not occured.
this may be an oversight on their part,or it may have been an issue raised by the Coke attornies,which Coke has to be very careful not to present the rewards program as a lottery,doing random double points is a sort of lottery that may be illegal,therefor Coke may have pulled the plug on the random double points time.
Currently there are $10.00,$50.00,$100.00 Sony style cards on the site as of 10/30/2006


I am not someone who "will never be happy about anything unless they're gripping* about what they're owed". I have used my rewards credit card to get an $800 computer for $80. Now that's a rewards program. However, I wasn't expecting to get the extremely hard to get prizes on cokerewards. I was trying to get a nicer prize, that is all. I am saying it was a bit like dangling the proverbial carrot, and then taking it away. Secondly, it is spelled *griping, not gripping. By the way, I have gotten some of their Ok prizes like magazine subscipts. etc, and am pleased when I get something extra. It is just sad that you can't admit that they have been scamming us to think nicer prizes are attainable. THEY are the ones who promised more. I also see that they have reoffered Sony Style gift cards...albeit at a much higher point value. The fact that you have such a hard time with the venting on this thread makes one think you work for coke. At any rate, you sure see things in a very black and white way. If we aren't entirely happy with the rewards we will NEVER be happy with anything? Nope. Have you noticed that there are quite a few people who share my opinion. I think you need to take that accusatory finger and turn it right back around to yourself. Take a good look at why you need to criticize people who feel a bit scammed. Since you mentioned it, I would like to finish by saying, there are good laws/rules and bad ones. Yes, we have to abide by them, but it doesn't mean we have to like them. Or can't complain or try to change them. Please, lighten up Greg. We have a right to vent.


In case no one has received or noticed,the My Coke rewards has been changed,your points will now carry over into the 2007 season,making it much easier to obtain your wanted rewards.
As with all promotions,it must be tested and tried first to see if it would be a workable promotion for continued success,for all parties,the changes will be posted in mid november 2006 on the mycokerewards.com/ rules section of the site,so please keep entering your coke points,you must still continue to enter at least one code within a 90 day period in order for your points not to expire.
Bee,thank you for correcting my misspelling,your better than Dictionary.com/ and please forgive me for making such a error in my grammer,goes to show that too much chat and blogging can ruine your intellect :( perhapes it kind of dumbs us down a Bee bit I mean a wee bit.
I'll tell you the biggest ripoff promotion that has ever existed is the Mcdonalds Monopoly game,including the online waist of time entering codes to keep landing on the same property pieces over and over again,millions of their prizes being ring tones and phone games that I dont want in the first place.
If I want a ring tone I can just make my own.
The coke rewards program is way better.
I will however stand corrected that Coke did take other situations into consideration when laying out the guidelines of the program,including circumstances of parties,family reunions,and etc. durring the summer months which is usually the time in which such events take place,to help increase the amounts of points that could be acquired durring the promotional period,this statement I read from a coke rep.
Common sense would dictate the knowledge that there are indeed good laws and rules,and bad laws/rules.
But specifically we are in an area that deals with rules in regards to a companies policies,these rules are differant than that of legislative laws/rules.
A corporation however is not required to use the same standards.
A corporation that has a set of rules must enforce the rules whenever possible to every participant.
Legislative laws however can be challenged based upon the circumstances surrounding the event.
So while a law/rule may apply legislatively to one group may not apply under a differant scenario,and is rebuttable.
A corporation is a created legally recognized fictional entity in which the state grants such specific rights,in which rights are seperate and distinct from individuals in a position of the corporation such as a board member.
While I beleive personally that corporation,including states that become corporated within their own bodies of government is dangerouse to the people,and sovereigns,nevertheless it is existant so until it can be challenged successfully it will stay in place.
Sounds like a lecture I know,but while were on such a topic,I'd like to note that today weve seen the states incorporate themselves on a massive scale,what this has done however was created a beast that does nothing than to take away rights that were normally constitutionaly protected,and in certain instances natural rights.
How do the states do this? many states use administrative processes and give a title of an administrative law judge to an employee of a department,or agency of the state,these departments and agencies are executive in nature,acting judicially,but what the states do is they enter into a contract with a private corporation in which gives the corporation the states immunity,while incorporating the corporation into a division of either another department or agency of the state,these courts are not judicial but are executive and often present themselves as an arbitor,under arbitrition they are not required to provide due process,and many constitutionally protected rights,as under the laws of arbitrition they are not required to give you a reason as to why they came to their conclusion,its more of a trickery and deception,but this process allows them to take your wages,your bussiness license,your drivers,fishing,hunting license,and they may restrict or deny you a passport.
those are the laws and rules that are important to challenge.
Not having to enter only 10 codes per day,only to find the best rewards products have leaped across the sea of Coke!
thank you!

Ralph Ripped Off

I used my coke rewards to redeem a blockbuster movie rental. I printed the coupon in September. It is good until Christmass. I went to my local blockbuster and they told me the coupon had been used already. I told them I had never used it before. The next day they told me it was used at another store. I don't go to other blockbusters. One of the clerks at blockbuster said that another customer had come in a few weeks earlier with five coupons that he had printed and redeemed and they all showed as not working. I am wondering if other people are having coupon errors with the Blockbuster printout coupons. The printout I made was clean clear crisp and the UPC perfect. It's not worth the hours I'm now spending chasing down this error


I had basically the same experience as greg with "already used" coupon at blockbuster. Just wrote to my coke. Well see... They were actually pretty good about a misprinted 12 pack code.


so they are cheap, stupid trinkets, who cares, if your stupid enough to buy coke just for the rewards then thats your problem. People recycle,people who dont give a hoot about the coke rewards sweepstakes, try asking to borrow their bottle caps. its worked for me.

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